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Our swimming coaches are fully qualified and offer a wide range of swimming lessons

Ferndown Swim School Lessons

Ferndown babies

We start babies on their swimming journey from 4 weeks old. Babies this young have a natural affinity with water and we can build on their natural swimming reflexes. Read More

Ferndown toddlers

From 18 months, we move onto the Pool Time Toddlers programme. This has been designed with safety, fun and confidence at the forefront of all we do. Read More

Ferndown pre-schoolers

From the age of 3, or when they are ready, we like to start our younger children in our Preschool classes, these are teacher lead, fully structured swimming lesson. Read More

Ferndown kids

Here we follow the ASA's learn to swim framework. Taking your child from a beginner through to competition level if they wish to go that far. Water safety, confidence and a great standard of swimming are what it is all about for the Ferndown Kids programme. We have a maximum of 5 children in a class, with the teacher in the water at all times.



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Confidence building lessons

These are short 1:1 sessions, designed specifically to help children with a particular need or fear. Lessons are 15 minutes long and held in a nice quiet environment. We will work with your child, building confidence as we go. Quite often, only one session is needed to see a massive improvement.

Nervous beginners

Designed with the more nervous child in mind. This class focuses on confidence and managing water on the face, as well as floating and sinking. A few lessons in this class will get fearful or tearful children ready for our beginner classes. We will look after your worried child as if they were our own. Getting them happy and growing in confidence, excited to come back.


This is the starting point and is where great little swimmers are formed. Good habits are essential and basic skills are needed to build a beautiful technique. Children gain confidence as they learn to float, blow bubbles and enjoy their face being in the water, learning all about their buoyancy and breath control. We concentrate on front crawl and backstroke at this stage and have an in-house breathing method that is designed to get the best bilateral breathing as children advance.

Beginner Plus

After the basic skills are mastered, your water confident child will move on to more refined technique and advanced skills. We continue to teach front crawl and backstroke, getting to grips with bilateral breathing. Other skills are taught at this level including skulling, jumping in, rotating in the water, surface diving and more. These lessons are designed to keep things fun while children learn and master new skills. At the end of this stage butterfly and breast stroke are introduced.


Our intermediate children are now well on their way to having perfect front and back stroke and we now start to increase stamina and water fitness. Breast stroke and butterfly and practised regularly to get them up to a high standard, inline with the ASA Framework. Tumble turns, treading water and lots of other skills are now coming into the syllabus. Good technique and habit forming are vital at this stage.



All 4 strokes are of a good quality and are practised regularly. Fun competitions and safety exercises are all part of the syllabus. Fitness and stamina will improve greatly. The chance to earn some extra special awards are available in our advanced groups. Our priority is keeping your children engaged and enjoying the water, helping them to keep achieving goals that are set. Lifesaving skills also come into play on a more serious level.

Children's 1:1 Lessons

Lessons designed for specific needs. Bespoke, tailored sessions that focus solely on your child. Expect to see big changes in very little time.

Ferndown Adults

Whether you are a complete beginner, have a fear or phobia of the water, are 'nearly there' with your swimming or are looking for technique refinement, we have classes to suit your ability and fitness level. Read More

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